Friday, December 23, 2016

Hear Obey

"Born in the One Aim
Growth & keep moving 
In the dark & light
I'm Still standing
Even if it means alone
Guilty & Revenge
Bring me to the Blind 
I got a war
In my mind
What the hell with me
Why i should trust
This so crazy
But i still believe it
You bring me to the greatest way
For the glory
It's not easy
Full of paint & blood
I should keep my head up
In the Hardest War
Trust with you
From the deep of my Heart
yes LORD
I'm Hear and Obey"

My new custom ArtToy "HearObey", base from Hikari.
Height: 8inch
Material: Vinyl
Price: Rp. 1.8Jt / $150 (Exclude Shipping)
Payment: Bank Transferred / PayPal 

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